Haim – ‘Forever’


In contention for the best pop song of the year is ‘Forever’ by three willowy sisters who call themselves Haim. If you were ever searching for something fresh, catchy as hell, enjoyably original and hook-laden, you need look no further. These three comely lasses have crafted something idiosyncratic in its instrumentation, but undeniably accessible, memorable and bouncy.

It’s mainly a drum and bass led track, but not in the manner that has become de rigueur in every club up and down the country. This a layered collage of noises, some of which are clicks, some claps, some rumbling bass, stark, powerful drums and the odd surge of electronica. The overall effect is fairly weird, but bright, kinetic, completely danceable and, to my knowledge, without easy comparison. The nearest thing I can think of would be a catchier, less avant-garde version of Tune-Yards’ brilliant second album, WhoKills.

‘Forever’ is utterly addictive because it combines pure pop sensibilities with something original and interesting to create something familiar with a twist. At least, I’ve not heard too many things like it.



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