Benjamin Francis Leftwich – ‘In the Open’



‘In the Open’ is the first single taken from the singer songwriter’s EP of the same title, scheduled for release on the 19th November along with three other tracks (You can preorder it on iTunes!). In typical Benjamin Francis Leftwich fashion, it’s a lullaby serenade, in which the vocals come off as smooth and effortless, singing lyrics that feel as though they only exist in dreams. The song begins with a folky guitar strum before his familiar narrative lyrics kick in. “You turn to me before you turn to gold… I don’t need love it only gets in my way”, the melody and lines exude charm and vulnerability with the usual guitar accompaniment, achieving a soft delicate simplicity.

In all, its Benjamin Francis Leftwich loveliness however, the one thing ‘In the Open’ possibly falls short of is being no different from anything else he has come out with so far. It’s like listening to all the tracks of Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm plus one. Tender and heartwarming, but a little too easily interchangeable.

Nevertheless, it’s a sweet song by the Yorkshire lad who’s currently on his UK tour. With an Ed Sheeran sort of story-telling vibe, it’s perfect for easy listening.



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