Disclosure feat. Sam Smith – ‘Latch’


For anyone that has had ears in the house scene, Disclosure is probably a name that you’ve come across. Their remix of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ not only became a consistent feature at house nights over the summer, but it also got them signed and on tour with both SBTRKT and Annie Mac. With ‘Latch’, their debut release, it is easy to see why they have gathered such big-named backing so quickly.

‘Latch’ falls in a strange in-between space. Undeniably you can hear that it’s designed for the nightclubs, with a driving beat that underpins everything on the track. In the verses though, it is far closer to soft-house with euphoric synths that give the track a really light, airy feel. During the chorus it follows the standard ‘drop’ format; but even then it’s not really that overpowering and retains a level of thought often lost in other house tracks.

Couple this with Sam Smiths’ live vocals; it makes this track fall more in to the vein of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and SBTRKT than Skrillex. The vocals are smooth and lend an R’n’B feel to the song—meaning it actually wouldn’t be out of place being played in your bedroom.

Overall, ‘Latch’ is unlike to convert you to house music if you’ve sworn off it and if you’re a hardcore house-head it’s unlikely to be your cup of tea. But if, like me, you’re willing to give it a chance—you’ll find yourself enjoying it, regardless of your genre biases.



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  1. Have absolutely loved this song since I first heard it! Such a smooth sound and the vocals in the chorus always make me smile.

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