Taylor Swift – ‘Begin Again’


The country pop darling recently released ‘Begin Again’, the second single from her latest album Red. In this ballad, it looks like she has redeemed herself from that awful I-think-this-was-written-by-a-twelve-year-old ‘We are never ever getting back together’ (which unfortunately, has now become horribly catchy).  In ‘Begin Again’, she sings about moving on from an ex, discovering someone better who loves her for all the things that the jerk before didn’t. And of course there’s that speculation that it’s about Jake Gyllenhaal because apparently you cannot go through a Taylor Swift break up without her writing a song about it.

The music video is dreamy, showing her wandering around Paris on her bicycle, sampling the cutest pastries, catching the eye of a cute French guy in a café who spontaneously takes a picture of her (between you and me, I’m still waiting for this to actually happen to me in real life). Pretty in pastel, she dons red lipstick and looks demure in a beautiful purple dress amongst other lovely outfits. It’s the antidote to Adele’s gloomy black and white ‘Someone Like You’ (also filmed in Paris). There’s a hint of ‘Back to December’ in the melody but with a different story to tell. There’s something about Taylor Swift songs and their cheesy heartwarming lyrics that make you believe love’s possible. Tired of Taylor Swift? Not just yet.



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