Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé – ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’


Upon realising that ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ was partly sung by Labrinth, I was, the least to say, shocked. I had no idea that he could sing so beautifully, hit such notes or even show such emotion. I mainly knew him for his hit ‘Earthquake’ which shows a destructive and aggressive attitude which I also loved, so being able to show this other side of himself while still being successful makes him much more impressive as a singer to me.

Needless to say, ‘Beneath Your Beautiful’ was an immediate hit and reached number one in the UK charts on 21st October, and after being performed on the X Factor, became all the more renowned. Labrinth teams up with an unlikely partner, Emeli Sandé, and the collaboration works despite my original reaction that she would have a much wider and better range of voice than him. Labrinth keeps up with Sandé and even sounds better than her in my opinion; his voice is unusual, but clear and vents his feelings.

The lyrics of the song are meaningful and present the problem of how people become insecure and hide their personality behind their image, feeling that they must be beautiful to society. It suggests that others are more interested in what’s beneath the beauty and the importance of being yourself.



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