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The release of comeback single ‘Cough Cough’ in the summer gave Everything Everything their first ever UK top 40 charting song. After over two a years since their Mercury-nominated album Man Alive, this single was worth the wait. They’ve maintained their distinctive sound whilst becoming more radio-friendly and ‘Cough Cough’ set the bench mark high for their next release ‘Kemosabe’ (due out on 7th January). I have certainly not been disappointed. Both these singles share in their relentless bombardment of trade-mark Everything Everything energy; it’s great!

‘Kemosabe’ really is a belter of a tune, with a robotic sounding intro, solid punchy drums and fluttering guitar riffs. There’s a lot of layers to the track that become more obvious with increasing listens (it’s certainly had a high play count from me!). Lead singer Jonathan Higg’s high ranging vocals and repetitive but catchy lyrics, as well as the harmonies add an interesting dimension to the overall sound. What even are the lyrics about? Not sure exactly, but they’re appealing and they’re open to interpretation. Jonathan raps along on the most memorable aspects of the songs, during the verses (“I’m at the border, at the, at the border. I’m at the border, at the, at the border”). In other parts he grunts, wails and shouts. But it’s experimental pop music at it’s best, and the elements of R&B sonics ingrained in it make it all the more interesting.

Higgs wrote the song in a garden shed at his parent’s house in Cumbria. Well, if that’s the case he should be shut in a shed more often. The band self-directed a video filmed in a forest to accompany ‘Kemosabe’. Because, why not?

Everything Everything’s second album, Arc, is due to be released on 14th January. They will be touring in the new year and will play Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms on 6th February.






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