Bruno Mars – ‘When I Was Your Man’


Bruno Mars has released yet another tear jerker with his latest single: ‘When I Was Your Man’, set to be the latest hit from his album Unorthodox Jukebox. Armed with only a piano, Mars shows just how talented he is (as if we needed reminding) and sings of how he regrets losing a woman (as if he could…). The message behind this song is of how you should never take your partner for granted and should always respect and care for them. It encourages and reminds of how you will always have to work at a relationship to keep it strong. Mars has gained his fame by singing about relationships and emotional struggles, such as ‘Just the Way You Are’, ‘Rain’ and ‘Grenade’; it is his forte, and ‘When I Was Your Man’ is no different.

The music video is not as interesting as his past ones have been. ‘Lazy Song’ and ‘Grenade’s’ YouTube popularity proves he knows how to entertain and interest in film, yet here we are given quite a basic video. We are essentially shown Mars sat at a piano singing for four minutes with a woman occasionally fading in and out in the background, don’t get me wrong I can quite happily endure it; he’s talented and easy on the eyes. Yet, I was hoping for more to the video than this, it is perhaps intending to show his musical talent and bring our attention to his voice, but is unnecessary as we already know just how good he is. Despite this, the song itself is impressive and is definitely a future hit.



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