Dizzee Rascal – ‘Bassline Junkie’


In Dizzee Rascal’s latest single, we find him honourably discouraging drugs and alcohol and preaching the religion of bass instead; only he could make this work. In 2010, Dizzee announced that he would never take drugs or drink alcohol again, so this song seems to be an extension of his way of life which he wants others to realise. While the lyrics are aggressive, the song is catchy and the music video is hilarious and as such Dizzee is able to present and encourage his message more effectively.

Some may find the video controversial; Dizzee threatens a child at the beginning and it shows particularly vivid footage of a prisoner having drugs removed from his mouth to cleanse him (eww). It is all for a good cause, however, so we should be able to forgive Dizzee. The song is already a hit, managing to hit number 10 in the singles charts, and I’d recommend it to all for its unusual music video at least. Nice one Diz.



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