Peace – ‘Follow Baby’


The second single of Peace’s forthcoming debut album In Love, sees the re-recording of ‘Follow Baby’. Perhaps a little bit of a frivolous move as the new recording has limited alterations; it almost seems fitting that Peace precede their album release with the track that made it all possible in the first place. And certainly I can’t find myself complaining because ‘Follow Baby’ is pretty spectacular.

The song is a full frontal assault on your eardrums that showcases a different side of Peace. Stepping further away from the tropical sunshine that permeated previous tracks; ‘Follow Baby’ is a grittier and rawer take. Contrasting the heavier and more dominating guitars against the lighter, drifting synths/percussion the track veers between moments of Peace (heh) and tranquillity and moments of letting loose and going with it.

Right from the start the guitars grind and squeal against one another—in a wholly destructive and all encompassing way. These moments are interspersed with the minimalist verses where Harrison Kossier’s velveteen vocals slide seamlessly with the bassline. As in all Peace tracks thus far, there’s an uncanny use of lyrics that will bury themselves in your mind and not let go. I found myself humming “follow baby/we’re gonna live forever” for the entire afternoon after listening to it once.

But it is undoubtedly when all these different layers collide and rush together that the track shows its full, multifaceted potential. There seems to be little escape when it comes to what the song has been building towards from the beginning. It quite happily drags you along, whether you want to (which you will by the end) or not.

If In Love contains more moments like this then the prophecies of the musical journalist are likely to be fulfilled… 2013 will be Peace’s for the taking.



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