Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – ‘All Around the World’


‘All Around the World’ is the latest offering from Canadian tween heart throb Justin Bieber. It features his second collaboration with rapper Ludacris since 2010 single ‘Baby’ (arguably the track that launched Bieber’s career). And despite myself, I liked ‘Baby’. It was catchy and poppy and a complete guilty pleasure, so I was hoping for the same from ‘All Around The World’; but I was disappointed.

It’s Bieber’s attempt at a grown up ‘banging’ club beat but it feels like Bieber’s trying to play with the big boys when he’s still sitting at the kid’s table. With monotonous synthy riffs and repetitive lyrics (mainly based around the repeating of ‘All around the world, people want to be loved’, how deep) it’s a truly average track. Biebz, I know you can do better.



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