Foals – ‘Late Night’


After the bombastic energy of previous singles ‘Inhaler’ and ‘My Number’,’ Late Night’ – the third single to come from Holy Fire – is a significantly more subdued and melancholic affair.

The sparse instrumental introduction is reminiscent of some of their previous work, particularly ‘Spanish Sahara’ and slowly but surely Yannis Philippakis’ trademark drones rumble across the track in an almost ominous, but slick manner.

Foals are incidentally a band in no rush, and although the percussion eventually kicks in, instead of attempting to create a substantial finale, the group engineer a rather solitary guitar solo which leaves ‘Last Night’ somewhat lacking, despite this exquisite summary.

‘Late Night’ is unlikely to win the group any new fans, but it’s still a statement that Foals haven’t forgotten their roots in their desire for stadium success.



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