Michael Bublé – ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’


Michael Bublé is back with the lead single of his eighth studio album, To Be Loved. ‘It’s A Beautiful Day’ is everything a typical Bublé single usually is, a catchy chorus, tight brass and orchestral arrangement and feel-good lyrics (“It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling”). The Canadian crooner knows what works for his fanbase and has stuck to it, and although it’s not the most imaginative song in the world it’s so typically Bublé his fans won’t care.

I have to say, the video made me laugh. It’s nothing outrageous or edgy, just a video in the classic Bublé style. It opens with his on screen girlfriend (played by Jaime Pressly (Joy from My Name Is Early)) kissing Jesse Heiman (the guy who shared that infamous kiss with supermodel Bar Refaeli in 2013 Super Bowl GoDaddy advert). The rest of the video features Bublé singing ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ in response to this, as he walks around his neighborhood dancing with women in circus costumes and setting up a kissing booth. It’s all cheesy and ridiculous; but it’s Bublé so it works. He may not have pushed the boat out very far in the song or the video, but it’s still a great pop song!



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