Biffy Clyro – ‘Victory Over The Sun’


The fourth single brought to listeners from Biffy Clyro’s epic double album, Opposites (released January 2013), comes in the form of ‘Victory Over the Sun’- and it certainly is a great follow up to the previously released ‘Biblical’ and ‘Opposite’.

The single eases you in with a soft beginning, encompassing Simon Neil’s vocals as a focal point- but listeners are not teased for too long. It is a mere one minute and 12 seconds before a recognisable build comes into play, serving as a bridge to the heavier rock feel expected of Biffy Clyro. To be put in context of the album: this single comes from the second half that, simplistically put, is recognised as the ‘heavier’ side of Opposites.  The second side to the double album seems to echo the band’s earlier material a little more than their previous album, Only Revolutions, did- which is likely to be very welcome to long-term Biffy Clyro fans.

‘Victory Over the Sun’ is, all in all, an ace single. It strikes a great balance between the softer tone of their recent releases (‘Biblical’, ‘Opposite’), and the heaviness of the second part of Opposites, and is additionally accompanied by an extremely well put together music video featuring Simon Neil as a cult leader, and a lot of fire.


Victory Over The Sun is out now


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  1. Another phenomenal song from possibly the best album of this year. I must admit, I prefer ‘Biblical’ and ‘Opposite’, but this is just as epic. What a record.

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