Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Luna’


‘Luna’ the second track to come from Bombay Bicycle Club’s upcoming album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, has been released along with an accompanying music video. ‘Luna’ follows the lead single, ‘Carry Me’, and is now available for free download if you pre-order the album.

The track itself is a contrast to ‘Carry Me’ which was full of dark syncopation and hectic guitar riffs, this is a much lighter song. With bright, glittering guitar lines and a huge anthemic chorus, this is a song written for a summer’s afternoon on the main stage at a festival. Throughout the song, the use of percussion shines, with use of marimbas and wood blocks that help to add an extra depth to the sound. Rae Morris provides backing vocals, and her voice soars across the instrumentation of the band, her vocals add to the euphoric chorus, as opposed to just being their for the sake of it, which can be the case with additional vocalists.

The accompanying music video is simple yet effective. It features the synchronised swimming troupe Aquabatix performing a routine to ‘Luna’.


So Long, See You Tomorrow is out on 3rd February 2014 through Island Records.


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