Jess Glynne – ‘Home’


Featuring on two hit singles in a two month period is a pretty good way to kick off your music career. Jess Glynne has established her name through her collaborations with Clean Bandit and Route 94, but her debut single proves that she has the talent to stand on her own two feet in an industry which is notoriously unforgiving of those who are not quite good enough.

‘Home’ sits on a melody which is riddled with strings, a garage beat and ticking percussion, providing a flawless backdrop to Glynne’s radio-friendly soulful vocals. Think Lauryn Hill meets Ella Eyre and you would soon be on your way to defining her voice. The track flexes and stretches as a whole host of musical genres and influences are meshed together; the production clearly takes inspiration from Clean Bandit’s use of orchestral riffs, while her soulful voice and underground beat tie the elements together neatly.

While it may not be anything particularly fresh or groundbreaking, ‘Home’ is clean, catchy, and suggests huge potential.



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