Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Feel’


When Bombay Bicycle Club released their chart topping fourth album, So Long, See You Tomorrow, one of the things many critics praised was it’s the world music influences that feature throughout the track. These new influences are a key strand that run through the entirety of the album, and it’s at points where they’re particularly obvious that the album really shines. This is why ‘Feel’ is the best possible choice for a single that the band could have made.

‘Feel’ will be the third single from the bands fourth album, and will undoubtedly follow in the success of the dark and rhythmically crunchy ‘Carry Me’ and the gorgeous ‘Luna’. The track is built upon the band’s new-found Bollywood influences, being led by a sampled snake-charming melody from 1954 film Nagin. The syncopated rhythms and soaring instrumental interjections add to this feel throughout, which compliments the bands ‘normal’ sound perfectly.

The simple repeated chorus which is lifted by the use of layered vocals chanting will undoubtedly become a live favourite, as it is so easy to imagine a huge crowd of fans chanting ‘Just one feeling’ alongside the band at a festival this summer.

‘Feel’ will undeniably follow in the previous success Bombay Bicycle Club have had with So Long, See You Tomorrow, and rightly so, as this is one of the strongest offerings the band have given to date.


So Long, See You Tomorrow is out now and ‘Feel’ will be released on May the 19th.


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