Swans – ‘A Little God In My Hands’


Swans, known for their almost excessively long musical adventures, have released a single from their upcoming album, To Be Kind. ‘A Little God In My Hands’ is an accessible 7-minute track that gives new listeners an idea into their weird world of experimental rock.

A cool, fuzzed bass and a hypnotic drum beat creates this sleazy atmosphere. Michael Gira’s nasal and slightly off-key vocals really add to this disjointed ensemble. The track attempts to maintain some kind of normality but quickly descends into this psychotic dream. Although the bass line and drums are repetitive, they really explore and experiment with it, with piano riffs, creepy backing vocals and horrifying outbursts of feedback. Don’t put this song on before bed unless you want nightmares. Overall, this intriguing single shows promise that the album will be worth buying.


‘To Be Kind’ will be released on May 13th, 2014 by Young God and Mute Records.


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