Review: The Mispers – ‘Dark Bits’


London based alternative rock band, The Mispers, have released the title track of their second EP, ‘Dark Bits’. Continuing their out of the norm vibe, ‘Dark Bits’ demonstrates their unique and intricate sounding material.

‘Dark Bits’ is an upbeat track, with vocalist Jack Balfour-Scott described it as a song “about finding shelter and friends in unlikely places.” Going missing together is an ongoing theme for the band as stated by their name ‘misper’, a police term of a missing person. A little different from their previous single ‘Brother‘ which features a more audible violin riff, ‘Dark Bits’ seems to focus more on the atmosphere the vocals and lyrics create. Jack has a very special voice that channels a sense of having no rules, and taking the pace in their own hands. With a slight punk tone that is often heard in their sold out live shows, the lyrics “I’m taking charge of the darkness” rings very true to their overall style.


Dark Bits EP will be released on July 27th.


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