Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg – ‘Wiggle’


Taken from Jason Derulo’s fourth album Talk Dirty, his new single ‘Wiggle’ has reached eighth in the chart perhaps due to it leaving a lasting impression, albeit not a good one.

The single is yet another song accompanied by an irritating whistle, on first hearing the track it was somewhat laughable, me thinking it could very possibly be a joke. But no, kindly Derulo and Snoop took it upon themselves to prove to the world that terrible song writing was still alive and kicking. Unfortunately the song will be used in many clubs, so we probably won’t be able to erase it from our memory anytime soon. Especially if people intend on making the ‘wiggle’ dance popular.

About a minute towards the end of the song it does improves slightly, returning to Derulo’s normal style, however at this point the song is far from saving. Even the input from Snoop Dogg on the track does it no favours. The video doesn’t scream creativity, featuring lots of women dancing around a pool in bikini’s – definitely never seen that one before.

However Jason Derulo appears to have saved the day, the single answers the very puzzling question on all of our minds ‘how do you fit all that in them jeans?’ and carefully advising us that we all really know what to do with that ‘big fat butt’. Thanks Jason, we were all getting pretty stressed about the matter.


‘Wiggle’ is out now through Warner Bros. Records


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