SBTRKT – ‘Temporary View feat. Sampha’


SBTRKT is back, and for his latest single release ‘Temporary View‘ he is reunited with frequent collaborator Sampha. He was a recurring feature of SBTRKT’s debut, self titled album featuring on four different songs throughout the 2011 release. Their most prolific collaboration to date was ‘Hold On’ , a slow and emotional song that got the best out of Sampha’s hauntingly delicate vocals.

‘Temporary View’ is much more fast paced and production heavy than ‘Hold On’. It has more in common with two album tracks from SBTRKT; ‘Right thing to do. Ft Jessie Ware‘, and ‘Trials of the Past‘,  in that it’s fast paced. ‘Temporary View’ then, is not a totally new direction for this collaborative pair but it does go further into the territory of a dance track than before. Where previously their work could be compared to Submotion Orchestra (‘Hard to Stay’ being a good example of this) now SBTRKT and Sampha seem to be moving towards Disclosure’s work.

Undoubtedly it’s a good summer song, and the faster pace will attract more attention (which is overdue), but ‘Temporary View’ doesn’t lend itself to Sampha’s ability to make a lyric stick in your head for the rest of the day. While it’s an enjoyable song, I doubt it’ll have the lasting power of their previous work. The most exciting thing about this single is that it announces the return of SBTRKT.


Temporary View is distributed by Young Turk and is available for purchase.



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