Review: Cheryl Cole – ‘Crazy Stupid Love feat. Tinie Tempah’


Cheryl Cole has disappeared off our musical radar for almost two years, with her last single ‘Under The Sun’ having been released in September 2012. After her absence, Chez has returned to the pop scene with her comeback single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’. Love her or hate her, Cheryl has released some of the catchiest, well-written pop music of the past five years; ‘Promise This’ and ‘Fight For This Love’ were both chart topping hits, so I had high expectations for her return. Did ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ live up to this? In short: no.

It opens rather unoriginally, with a static drumbeat and a lacklustre vocal line. The verse continues for far too long like this until it reaches the chorus, which is where the track almost shines. As soon as the brass comes in, it gains a lease of life, and it really begins to feel like a Cheryl track; but as soon as the saxophone riff is over, it goes back to being, frankly, boring. ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ also features a rap from Tinie Tempah. For me, guest raps can go one of two ways – they work really well, or they’re awful and unnecessary. Unfortunately in this case, it’s the latter. Tinie’s appearance makes no difference to the track; it’s dull and unimaginative, and with lyrics like: “She had my D, now she dickmatised”, it would fit more comfortably in a certain Jason Derulo song.

What could have been a huge summer anthem of a comeback, turned out to be a repetitive, fairly average pop track. Chezza, you’re going to have to fight a bit harder for my love.


 ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is out on July the 20th through Polydor Records.


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  1. You’re spot on about this track, really not single worthy and Tinie Tempah’s rap is so weak it barely gets off the ground. Come on man, haven’t you dined out on Pass Out for long enough?

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