Review: Saint Raymond – ‘I Want You’


Callum Burrows, aka Saint Raymond, is having a great year so far; having finished his solo tour, released his third EP Ghosts and played major summer festivals. And it doesn’t stop there – as he’ll be supporting Ed Sheeran on tour starting this week in Vienna and dropping his debut album this year. Not resting at all, Burrows has just released a new single ‘I Want You’.

Noticeably more upbeat than many of his other releases, ‘I Want You’ is extremely catchy and uplifting with its pop hooks, tight instrumentation and a lot of dynamics. A highly infectious track with lyrics “I want you to know that I want you, you know that” threading through his vocals, and his signature sounding beats that appeared in hits such as ‘Fall At Your Feet‘ and ‘Young Blood‘, Saint Raymond has delivered another surely satisfying number for old and new listeners to bob their heads to with him at all of his upcoming appearances.


‘I Want You’ will be released on August 17th.


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