Review: Strange Bones – ‘Anatola’


Hailing from the seaside town of Blackpool, brothers Bob and Will Bentham along with their childhood friend Stuart Newburn have been playing together since frontman Bob was only 11. Ten years later after playing some 600+ shows around the globe and becoming commercially successful in Japan with their former band Outl4w, a new sound and new band, Strange Bones, has been born.

Single ‘Anatola’ comes after their first single ‘S.O.I.A’ which was release by the band earlier this year from their debut EP DOT DOT DOT. ‘Anatola’ is fast, furious and just good old rock and roll, with a grumbling bass hook and sharp lead riff. The lyrics are punchy and in your face matched with some brilliant drumming.

The video for the single was filmed and edited by the band, switching from clips of the boys skateboarding through their hometown to the band playing the song and later a campfire in the woods. The video is matched brilliantly to the song, capturing it’s speed and furiosity displaying just seconds of the band playing before switching to another scene and increasing this intensity and the song reaches a climax and comes to an abrupt end.

For a band who have been together for over 10 years it is clear that they are all accomplished musicians and their new venture together shows a huge amount of promise. Strange Bones are ones to watch.

4 stars-2





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