Review: Lovelife – ‘Nova’


After a short but somewhat successful run in the UK as Viva Brother, front man Leonard Newell moved the USA in 2012, forming a new band Lovelife. Based out of Brooklyn, New York, their sound is a mash up of 80’s new and modern electronica whilst retaining old rock influences such as The Smiths and The Cure.

It would definitely be an understatement to say the production on this single is layered, with an absolute plethora of instruments being used in the main harmony, almost sounding a little chaotic at times. ‘Nova’ opens up initially to a mixture of synths, keys and vocals which dissipate into a simple drumbeat. The instrumentation builds up slowly when upon reaching the chorus an explosion of synth takes over.

Vocally the track is a story of falling in love, which is effortlessly echoed with visuals in the video. Lyrically it is perhaps a little gentler than some of the band’s previous releases but nevertheless it is certainly catching and one of those songs that just has the sound and feel of a beautiful summer.

3.5 stars



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