Review: Clean Bandit – ‘Come Over’


Clean Bandit has transitioned nicely from a largely unknown band to a prominent figure in the music scene after the release of their immensely popular hit ‘Rather Be’ featuring Jess Glynne, which quite  impressively remained unopposed on the UK Singles Chart for four long weeks.

Clean Bandit carefully strays from repetitive dance music with their cool mix of classical and electronic pop, providing a new and refreshing sound to the charts. The band’s new single ‘Come Over’ holds tightly onto this style and is still irresistibly catchy, this time experimenting with characteristics of reggae, which perfectly reflect the Summer sunshine. Clean Bandit fans are also treated to an amazing visual experience. The video features fantastic scenes from both the icy deserts of the Arctic circle and the Moroccan tropics, as the band admired their respective “unique identit[ies]”. And understandably so, the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Grace Chatto (vocalist and cellist) as she sings: “you’re gonna run out of luck love, sooner or later” are wonderfully complemented by the detached Arctic, while the vibrant chorus rapped by Jamaican artist Stylo G, is wholly matched by the Moroccan paradise surrounding him.

3.5 stars

‘Come Over’ is out on Atlantic Records on August 10th 2014.


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