Review: Ella Eyre – ‘Comeback’


Ever since Ella Eyre hit the mainstream with Rudimental and ‘Waiting All Night’, she caught our attention. Since then, she has been quietly working away, with great electronic yet meaningful music that’s sure to get you nodding, her newest single is aptly named, ‘Comeback’.

Ella Eyre has a velvet voice, mixed with a sassy and gentle rasp, which is surely a recipe for success. It sounds as if Paloma Faith and Amy Winehouse have produced a child, with her rhythm from Florence and the Machine and Rudimental. However, some of Eyre’s songs lack any variety in lyrics, and mainly consist of a strong chorus and beat without much else, but this is the style of most club hits.

‘Comeback’ feeds off comradery and girl power, and is destined to be a club anthem. You’ll find yourself singing along with the infectious chorus of “they always come back”. This song is up tempo, quite tinny, but exudes attitude. No doubt you’ll hear this one throughout Freshers 2014.

I hope that Eyre will follow her individuality. Her voice gives a definite sonic fingerprint with a unique sound she must celebrate, and it would be a shame to lose her if she’s pigeonholed into selling records in mass and not succeeding any further. Her upcoming songs should allow her to deviate from the mainstream genre in which she’s landed with both feet, of which ‘Deeper’ is a brilliant example!

 ‘Comeback’ is released on the 29th of September through Virgin EMI records.

3 stars (1)



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