Review: MNEK – ‘Wrote A Song About You’


19 year old Uzoechi Emenike, aka MNEK, has spent the past three years writing and producing alongside the likes of Duke Dumont, Rudimental and The Saturdays. It’s no surprise, then, that his second solo single ‘Wrote A Song About You’ is brimming with confidence.

Every aspect of the RnB infused pop-house anthem is expertly polished. From Emenike’s almost unaccompanied soulful vocals in the introduction to the undulating pre-chorus before introducing the beat, it’s clear that the wunderkind has the songwriting nous to charm both the charts and the dancefloor.

The song and its fluorescent accompanying video hark back to the early 90s, giving a refreshing update to a period MNEK is too young to remember. The last year has seen a resurgence of popularity for house music, and this single is unlikely to halt the rise.

Where the track falters is its lack of depth. The song is lyrically simple, which isn’t out of the ordinary for soulful house. Unfortunately, aside from the vocals there is not a lot on offer. ‘Wrote A Song About You’ is a good pop song, but ultimately a little too safe compared to his previous offerings.

3.5 stars

Wrote A Song About You will be released on 31st August 2014 on Virgin EMI.


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