Review: Fall Out Boy – 'Centuries'


Fall Out Boy’s new track ‘Centuries’, released on 9th September 2014, is the debut single for their sixth studio album. ‘Centuries’ has been looked upon favourably by many critics and has received mixed opinions from Fall Out Boy’s fanbase. The track marks the end of the band’s progression from pop-punk sensation to popular culture’s most talked about band.

Musically the single is well crafted and catchy. An elegant piano melody is pitched alongside subtle electronic-influenced fills, with a rhythmic drum backing to create a solid instrumental.

Stump’s vocals ruin this track the more you listen to it though. He moderates himself within the verses, which works well enough, but the chorus is far too whiny. These raw vocals are uncomfortable to listen to when placed over the subtle and beautiful instrumental, it’s too much to listen to.

‘Centuries’ is not a bad song by any stretch of the imagination, anthemic in it’s sound to suit a grown up and more confident Fall Out Boy. If it weren’t for the vocals, this would be a first class single. Here’s hoping that the album as a whole will understand it’s musical dynamics.

3 stars

‘Centuries’ is out now through Island records.


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