Review: Pixie Lott – ‘Break Up Song’


Try not to be put off by the title – ‘Break Up Song’ is a stunning acoustic track full of feeling. Pixie Lott’s raw husky voice conveys all that which she refuses to say through the lyrics, the confusion and the heartbreak of this song is told not through the words but more the lack of them and through the honesty in Pixie Lott’s hypnotic delivery.

Musically, though not particularly revolutionary in its structure, this love ballad has a soul feel to it, a style which is becoming increasingly popular in the current chart climate, giving Pixie Lott the prospect of competing with tracks like Ella Henderson’s ‘Ghost’ or Sam Smith ‘Stay With Me’. So yeah, it has its cheesy moments with the odd line such as “love was our religion” but overall it is neither over-dramatic nor overly depressing. The song ends, like the relationship, demanding an explanation for all those words left unsaid – a good one for belting out in the shower.

4 stars


‘Break Up Song’ is out now via Virgin EMI.


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