Review: Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Drown’


Bring Me The Horizon’s single ‘Drown’ marks another step in the bands evolution, having moved away from its Deathcore past of Count Your Blessings, ‘Drown’ builds on the massive success of Sempiternal with a more hard rock sound. Already met with much critical acclaim, Bring Me The Horizon have fast risen to the top of the British metal scene, and have injected new life into a sometimes generic area of music.

Musically ‘Drown’ successful blends together many elements, with a Guitar led chorus that is catchy, the diversity of Oli Sykes vocals is also exposed switching from clean to heavy vocals with ease. The addition of Jordan Fish on keyboards also adds an electronic level which works in harmony with all elements of the band, and gives the single a very professional finish.

‘Drown’ is further evidence of a band that is at the top of its game, with all elements blending together seamlessly, it seems the band have learnt and evolved with each release and improved. Most significantly is the vocal performance of Oli Sykes who has moved away from screamed vocals, and found the perfect blend of softness and aggression in his vocals.



‘Drown’ released by Sony Music Entertainment UK 7th of December


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