Review: Bonobo – ‘Return to Air’


Simon Green, best known by his stage name Bonobo, is a British musician very much at the peak of his career. His latest album The North Borders was a milestone of his career so far. A masterful record, where Bonobo’s inimitable melodics are coupled with cutting edge electronics, bass and drums.

Bonobo is among those artists who constantly push themselves outside of their musical comfort zone. Green has a large range of personal tastes, and a readiness for experiments with a wide range of synthesizers and instruments that continue to take his productions to new levels. This approach has earned him a reputation as one of the most pioneering figures in electronic music scene.

After touring for almost two years with The North Border album Green is finally back, with his eagerly awaited Flashlight EP available on the 1st of December. But for now he shares one of the tracks from his upcoming Flashlight EP ‘Return to Air’ via Soundcloud.

Speaking about ‘Return to Air’ Green said: “I made this in summer 2014 during some downtime between touring” adding that “This was the last track I made before leaving New York and packing my studio into storage. In a way, it’s the last page of that chapter before I settle again and start the next album.”



‘Return to Air’ will be released via Ninja Tune records.


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