Review: Jessie Ware – ‘You & I (Forever)’


The first few times I heard Jessie Ware’s latest single ‘You & I (Forever)’ I couldn’t stand it. The synthesised introduction was great, but beyond that I found it repetitive and boring. However, each time I listened to it the track grew on me. The catchy chorus with candid lyrics and simple electronic accompaniment is a breath of fresh air amongst the current chart topping tracks, and Ware’s vocals are as emotive and sonorous as always.

The third single from Ware’s sophomore album Tough Love, ‘You & I’ has a poignant music video which opens with the text from Ware saying: “For me, ‘You & I Forever’ is celebrating the person you love being by your side. This is what it means to others…” Then you see various couples, families and friends in the simple black and white video. The unassuming video is utterly lovely, and completely conveys what Ware is trying to put across with out being overly pretentious.

Ware’s onto a winner with this one.

‘You & I (Forever)’ will be released on January 12th via Island Records.


An excellent single with a beautiful video.

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