Review: God Damn – ‘When the Wind Blows’

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Brutish, skull-crushing riffs? Check. Vocals like Marilyn Manson gurgling bleach? Yup. Unrelenting, breakneck beats? Indeed.

While the phrase “thunderous two-piece” has probably appeared in music magazines over the last 12 months more than adverts for Atticus clothing, that doesn’t stop said two-pieces from being really bloody fun. God Damn are no different. ‘When the Wind Blows’ is a thrashing, crashing brooder, soaked in nightmarish reverb, Thom’s howls sounding as though they have jumped on the HS2 from Hell and have made a special trip to the mortal realm to bite your face off.

The duo are certainly a product of our current rock climate; tidbits of Pulled Apart by Horses in the atonal vocal harmonies, nibbles of Queens of the Stone Age in the frenetic hammer-ons, an apparent adulation for Sabbath in atmosphere. However, that doesn’t stop the Black Country bredrin from being a powerful concoction.

When the Wind Blows is out via One Little Indian on March 9th.


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