Review: Charli XCX feat. Rita Ora – ‘Doing It’


Charli XCX has taken her formula and applied it to an overdone topic.

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Popular music enjoys encouraging people to party till the next morning. I’d rather hear a track encouraging me to party to a respectable 3am and then hail a taxi to ship you off to your final destination… However, Charli XCX has created another track that will most likely signal your local nightclub wants you to continue your party, just off of their premises.

Her last few singles have done well with her brattish vocals singing superficial songs to retro American beats with catchy melodies. There is a limit to the number of times I can take hearing this type of track without eventually wanting to abandon reason and give up on modern pop music. The song seems to float between asking you to party with friends and engaging in intimate activities with a special someone. I’d liken this situation to choosing between studying a Shampooing Module and Astrology1001. Rather than wasting the minimal thought required to decide, I’d give up on my degree.

A shallowness exists in this track that could be likened to Spring Breakers. Like the movie, the music video begins with a few attractive young women robbing a store in order to fund their excessive night time frivolities. Spring Breakers however had the ridiculous and ominous James Franco to screw up the script and get you sent to the Head teacher’s office… fun. ‘Doing It’ however is stuck as a piece of paper that at four minutes is three minutes too long and even then listening to it once is enough.

‘Doing It’ is out now via Atlantic Records.


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    So why are you reviewing pop music when that genre isn’t your cup of tea? That’s like an English lecturer teaching maths: no credibility at all.

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