Review: Nicki Minaj feat. Drake & Lil Wayne – ‘Truffle Butter’


This is 3 artists showing us we can't possibly understand how luxurious their lives are, so to compensate Nicki gives us a memorable sample to dance away to.

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Maya Jane Coles is the star of the track. The sampling of her ‘What They Say’ was a stroke of genius. House sampling in hip-hop is turning into a bit of a thing, especially with the DJ Mustard formula. Perfectly timed then for the UK’s deep house revival, but enacted with a little class. The minimal rhythm is reminiscent of a church organ, at certain points it even sounds like a tune you may hear at an American baseball game.

Now to the real question… What is ‘truffle butter’?

This is precisely what Minaj is going for. We, the deprived proletariat, couldn’t possibly know of truffle butter. My sources tell me it is a residue resulting from a combination of coital positions but is also a very fancy spread (and an interesting meal if you fail to distinguish between them). It just goes to show the level of extravagance in all three of these artists’ lives. Minaj and Drizzy make it their mission on the track to relate to the latter definition. Minaj claims, “Yo, I’m in that big boy, bitches can’t rent this, I floss every day, but I ain’t a dentist”. The luxuries she can afford, she flaunts on an everyday basis. Drizzy alludes to truffle butter atop his ‘fillet’ steak. We are too basic.

Lil Wayne stays true to his crude credentials. From his verse we are taken through some intriguing sexual acts Wayne enjoys. Whilst Minaj and Drake live the distinguished lifestyle, Wayne is now bored of traditional sex and has to spice it up with powders and dance moves. The poor soul. Essentially this song is about how the artists have superseded basic taste and now must brag of the opulence they enjoy. Tunechi however takes it further by suggesting even the opulence isn’t enough. He embraces this arrogance indifferently. He desires luxuries beyond that ‘Truffle Butter’.

This is three artists showing us we can’t possibly understand how luxurious their lives are, so to compensate Minaj gives us a memorable sample to dance away to.

‘Truffle Butter’ is out now via Young Money & Republic Records.



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