Review: Everything Everything – ‘Distant Past’


A little less of a headache than the band's usual efforts, the first release from their third album shows a promising move towards the mainstream.

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The first glimpse of upcoming third album Get To Heaven, ‘Distant Past’ is the first we’ve heard from the EE boys in almost two years. Littered with Siri-esque voice samples and punctuated by a heavy bassline, this new offering seems to be trying a little less hard than the band’s previous work, and is all the better for it.

Die-hard fans might be disappointed by the change (the chorus could have been stolen from Two Door Cinema Club’s figurative reject pile), but Higgs’ distinctive vocals are still a key element of the track – although toned down from their usual frantic manner, and therefore the least enjoyable moments of the song. The result is a more radio-friendly, and more memorable effort than the band’s usual alienating style, and it’s fun.

I’m not saying this is an indie classic by any stretch, but I do predict we’ll be hearing plenty of ‘Distant Past’ over the summer.

‘Distant Past’ is out now, and available on iTunes.


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