Review: Teleman – ‘Strange Combination’


'Strange Combinations' has a complete lack of musical development, and sounds like a laptop slowly crashing and burning.

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Teleman’s ‘Strange Combination’ is glorified elevator music: repetitive, droning and unimaginative. The four-piece’s first new offering since their debut album Breakfast last June, there’s next to no musical development. Every time there’s a glimmer of movement it’s cruelly snatched away as we return to the same three chords being repeated over and over again. Although the instrumentation is interesting, it can only rectify the track for so long, and towards the end the whirring synths begin to grate and sound like a dying laptop. The whole track is a strange combination, and unlike Heston Blumenthal Teleman don’t make it work.

‘Strange Combinations’ is released on April 6th via Speedy Wunderground.


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