Review: Tinashe Ft. Iggy Azalea – ‘All Hands On Deck’


Dull, lifeless and monotonous.

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Dull, lifeless and monotonous, Tinashe’s latest offering is as vibrant as Christmas tree come twelfth night. The droning beats sound like they’ve accidentally been stuck on a loop, and Tinashe just decided to go with it and see if she could make do. Her whining vocals and unimaginative lyrics have no direction, with the same melody being repeated over and over. When Iggy pops up it isn’t much better, with her rap sounding as monotonous as Siri. And then there’s the seemingly pointless appearance of a flute, which although does break the wearisomeness of the track, also makes no sense.

If this is all hands on deck, I dread to think what’s produced when only half the hands are helping out.

‘All Hands On Deck’ is out on May 10th via RCA Records.


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