Review: The Maccabees – ‘Something Like Happiness’


'Something Like Happiness' bubbles with happiness and strikes a balance between delightful softness and full-bodied Maccabees' sound.

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London-based quintet The Maccabees don’t waste any time with their latest single, ‘Something Like Happiness’.

From the off, you are plunged into a full-bodied song, which is interesting for the opening of a track. You are then distanced from ‘Something Like Happiness’ as elements are stripped away and the track’s first verse showcases frontman Orlando Weeks’ silky vocals. When the track’s full instrumentation returns, it is maintained until the end of the track where it soars, creating a bubbling sense of happiness.

It is the interesting construction of ‘Something Like Happiness’ – stepping away from an expected build to a climax – that makes it a winning track; and its delightful balance between full-bodied elements and soft verses make it a pleasure to listen to.

‘Something Like Happiness’ is the second release from The Maccabees’ upcoming album, Marks To Prove It, and follows the release of the album’s explosive title track.

‘Something Like Happiness’ will be released via Fiction Records on Friday 31st July.


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