Review: Fall Out Boy – ‘Uma Thurman’


Memorable if wacky lyrics, with a catchy refrain.

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“I can move mountains / I can work a miracle, work a miracle” is quite a bold claim from the first line of Fall Out Boy’s latest single. The group’s latest effort from the recently released American Beauty/American Psycho is chock full of references to pop culture, from Calvin Klein Fragrances and Pulp Fiction to 60s television.

The catchy refrain samples the theme from the 60s US sitcom The Munsters, using the fast-paced piano chords, big brass chords and funky guitar riff to good effect, producing a funky undertone. The chorus’ somewhat quirky lyrics reference the well-known scene from the film Pulp Fiction where John Travolta’s monster dances with the straight faced character played by Uma Thurman. It’s wacky and completely mad, but this is what makes it memorable.

‘Uma Thurman’ is out now via Island Records.


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