Review: Conor Maynard – ‘Royalty’


The messy genre hopping makes for an uncomfortable listen.

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After Conor Maynard’s debut album, Contrast, reached the number one spot in the UK chart, with every single on it reaching the top 10, it was a shock when the first single from his second record, ‘Talking About’ missed out on the top 40 all together. ‘Royalty’ is the second offering we’ve heard from Maynard’s currently untitled second album, and does it make up for the dreary ‘Talking About’? Well, not really.

Produced by Labrinth, the track is a mix of 1920s styled swing with a jazz band, and an electronic R&B chorus. Both are interesting in their own right, but the transition between the two genres is clunky. This, combined with the uninspired lyrics about what Maynard would do if he had all the money in the world make for a dull listen.

‘Royalty’ is out now via Parlophone Records.


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