Review: Don Broco – ‘Superlove’


A great mix of Don Broco's own sound and funk.

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Don Broco have released their latest track from the forthcoming album Automatic. The latest song, ‘Superlove’, will be the opening track on the band’s second album. It’s clear to see that in what is his first album with the band, bassist Tom Doyle has had a big impact. The tempo and feel of the track is set by an incredibly intricate and funky bassline laid down by Doyle.

Whilst Damiani’s voice is as punchy as ever, the high pitched chorus is actually lead by drummer Matt Donnelly and it’s super catchy. The harmony of the chorus isn’t what would normally be expected from a rock band, but to their credit the boys get it to work incredibly well. The flickery guitar lines we know all to well from Si Delaney allow the track to keep some of Broco’s original sound, as they stray toward funk.

The video to accompany it is… Let’s just say, odd. The boys entertain a large variety of guests at a dinner table for what makes an amusing watch.

‘Superlove’ will be available on August 7th via Epic Records.


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