Review: Sigma ft. Ella Henderson – ‘Glitterball’


Expected a lot more from a duo that have released some really great music over the past twelve months.

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‘Glitterball’ is the latest release from English drum and bass duo Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie, better known as Sigma, with the help of former X Factor contestant Ella Henderson.

Now, some of you may completely disagree with what I’m about to say, but hear me out. This latest single is just distinctively average and I would even go as far as saying it’s a bit boring. Considering Sigma have released some absolute bangers over the past twelve months, particularly ‘Nobody to Love’ and ‘Changing’, which was reflected in the fact they both topped the UK singles charts. ‘Glitterball’ on the other hand seems to be something the duo have just thrown together, with no real thought going into it.

Henderson’s recognisable vocals are solid, but by no means do anything to show off that excellent range she possesses. The drums are very standard, there seems to be no injection of star power or wow factor, which is something people have come to expect from Sigma. The synths again are very standard and seem to be something that could be put together by anyone with access to a computer and the right software.

Just a very disappointing track from artists whose standards seemed to be sky high.

‘Glitterball’ is out now via 3 Beat Records.


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