Review: Charlie Puth feat. Meghan Trainor – ‘Marvin Gaye’


Not much I can say about this other than avoid at all costs!

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If you’re a Meghan Trainor fan, look away now because you’re not going to enjoy this. The ‘All About That Bass’ singer features on the latest track by Charlie Puth, of ‘See You Again’ fame, entitled ‘Marvin Gaye’.

The problem with male-female duets nowadays, particularly those performed by artists in their early twenties, is that the track is immediately going to sound like a cheesy Disney track. But the problem with ‘Marvin Gaye’ is that even if Disney were looking for a duet for their latest musical, or if the directors of High School Musical 4 were scraping the bottom of the barrel, they would still avoid this song at all costs. It’s just awful, it hurts my ears.

I feel bad saying that because ‘See You Again’ is one of my favourite songs of the last few years and Puth is excellent on it. I really thought that would kickstart his career, but judging by this latest project, his career in the music industry could be over before it’s really even begun. The lyrics are appalling and unimaginative, and almost ruin memories of one of the greatest love ballads of all-time. Trainor is as annoying as ever and fails to offer anything to the song. Avoid ‘Marvin Gaye’ at all costs and use that 99p to buy a few Freddos instead.

‘Marvin Gaye’ is out on Friday 7th August via Atlantic Records.


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