Review: Sunset Sons – ‘She Wants’


Sunset Sons' individual sound is hard to ignore on this track.

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As they put the finishing touches to their debut album, Sunset Sons have treated us to their fourth EP ‘She Wants’ which is spearheaded by the single of the same name.

Lead singer Rory’s voice hits you from the start as the song begins with only some light piano chords as accompaniment. This is more than enough and allows the listener to fully appreciate the rough yet tuneful sound of his voice. That’s not to say that he struggles at all when surrounded by the band, it just gives us the chance to really appreciate it before everyone else kicks in. The song slowly builds up in layers as the song takes form over the duration of the intro, allowing you to acknowledge every layer of sound as it kicks in. First the piano picks up, then a nice harmony is added over the top until the main body of the song is reached. The raw sound produced amongst the guitars and drums compliments Rory’s voice perfectly for the duration of the song. Solos often go amiss in recent rock/indie records yet this track finds the time to give the instruments their due alongside the great vocal work too.

This is a great indie rock record with a incredibly catchy melody which should see interest in the band really begin to rise even further from their sold out UK tour, before they tour Great Britain again as support for Imagine Dragons.

‘She Wants’ is out now via Polydor.


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