Review: Alabama Shakes – ‘Shoegaze’


The song holds up to the standards set by the band, but doesn't set the bar any higher. More of an album song than a single.

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Sound and Colour, Alabama Shakes’ second album, launched in April this year to brilliant reviews. Previous singles from the album such as ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’ and ‘Gimme All Your Love’ showed not only the greatness of the band, but their progression in style from their previous LP. However, with this single, it doesn’t so much set the bar, but maintain their status.

The guitar riffs are fun, the vocals are great as usual, the lyrics are the usual Southern melancholy style masked behind uplifting notes, but it fails to beat the other singles of the album. ‘Shoegaze’ is an appropriate title, as when they play it at the concert you’ll be doing just that. No one will dislike it, but it won’t be anyone’s favourite, and they’ll bop along to it while they wait for the big song.

‘Shoegaze’ is out on Friday 4th September via ATO.


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