Review: Battles – ‘FF Bada’


'FF Bada' sees Battles stylistically return to their roots, reverting to the intensity found in repetition.

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‘FF Bada’, the newest offering from upcoming third album La Di Da Di, sees Battles stylistically return to their roots. The track is a tight, complex instrumental much in the vein of their earlier EPs and debut album Mirrored. Neglecting to continue the expansive nature of their most recent record Gloss Drop, Battles have chosen to revert to the intensity found in repetition.

The band’s discovery of the Ableton Launchpad has resulted in an even more metronomic sound than before. Simple guitar loops are added with such generosity that it becomes impossible to keep up with. The sheer depth of layers involved is rewarding, as each repeat listen leads to a newly discovered motif within the tangle.

Just as the single becomes too complicated, the layers are instantly stripped down to a single repeating chord. A bouncy math-rock guitar riff and ominous bassline are reintroduced, before the track rapidly escalates back to its climax.

‘FF Bada’ is as energetic and intricate as Battles have ever been, and just as brilliantly weird.

‘FF Bada’ is available to stream now via Warp Records.


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