Review: Wolf Alice – ‘You’re A Germ’


In case you hadn’t noticed, Wolf Alice have arrived. Debut album My Love Is Cool lived up to the hype, earning a rapturous reception from critics and fans alike. ‘You’re A Germ’ is the third single from the record, and, quite simply, it’s huge.

Dark, moody, and sung in the charmingly dry manner frontwoman Ellie Rowsell is loved for, the first verse is typical of the North London foursome, growing and growing until the big drums and guitars kick in. The drastic changes in dynamics understandably draw comparisons to early nineties grunge, culminating in the screaming countdown preluding the thumping chorus. And then it hits, like a huge wave of crunching rock goodness. “Where’s Mum and Dad so you can tell them/You’re a dodgy fucker as well” the standout; this is a fan favourite, and it’s clear to see why.

Ending perfectly with the cackles of Roswell, one thing is clear: Wolf Alice belong on the big stage, and they’re not budging any time soon.

‘You’re A Germ’ is out now via Dirty Hit Records.



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