Review: Yo La Tengo – ‘Friday I’m In Love’


Yo La Tengo's cover is a gentle callback to the early 90s to ease you into the idea of the approaching autumn.

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A band that has always been unafraid to mix covers and originals on their albums, Yo La Tengo’s new collection Stuff Like That There is a soft and dreamy affair, with a balance of dusky covers and revamped originals from the band’s 30 year-long discography.

The most anticipated track of the album, Yo La Tengo’s cover of The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m in Love’ is a tumbling blend of ‘Bon Iver indie’ and ‘Lana del Ray Chill’ (with a capital ‘C’) that sets the scene for a late hazy summer.

After a strummed guitar intro, the familiar melody begins, dreamier and less hurried than the original 80s hit. With a slower tempo and some twangy guitar improv, Yo La Tengo lead us gently by the hand through the track and into the realm of make-believe, as the hook “It’s Friday I’m in Love” is layered in octaves, producing a light, ghostly feel as the final chorus rings out.

It’s the simplicity of this cover that makes it stand out. Upping the original’s quirky-factor and mellowing the vocals, it’s the perfect tune for those late summer festivals and lazy evenings spent sipping fruit punch in the garden.

‘Friday Im In Love’ is out now via Matador Records.


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