Review: Gilligan Moss – ‘Ceremonial’


An indescribable blend of electronic pop and retro beats, Gilligan Moss’s ‘Ceremonial’ is the perfect track to get you up off the sofa and stuck into that essay you’ve been happily procrastinating for the past week and a half. 

Moss successfully burst through the Soundcloud bubble and into the Hype Machine charts with previous single ‘Choreograph,’ and though not much is known of the reclusive electronic producer himself, it’s clear this guy knows how to capture attention.

‘Ceremonial’ is a pumping, suspenseful track that immediately hooks the listener with it’s erratic, building beat. Reminiscent of those vintage Nokia ringtones that were the bomb in 2003, Moss’s unique blend of chant samples and resonating marimba melodies are an homage to original West African music. 

Deliciously delirious, it’s easy to get lost in Moss’s blend of intricate rhythms and soft sporadic vocals before the hypnotising track drops briefly at 3.38. Swooping and swerving through various stylistic conventions, synthpop forms the base of the cut, with hypnotising, sugar sweet overlays that conjure images of pagan ritualistic dance.

It seems we’re going to be seeing a great deal more from Moss in the months to come – as much is clear from the small teasing sample of his up and coming work which is available to listen on his Twitter. Definitely one to watch, Moss’s narcotic, swirling sound is ready to hit the world by storm.

‘Ceremonial’ is out now via AMF Records.


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